Dermot Brannigan has been providing professional, ethical advice in many areas of financial planning for over 30 years.

We prefer to concentrate on advice rather than products. We prefer to spend our time asking questions to discover what it is our clients would really like to achieve, then work out the best way forward. For example have you recently asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Are you taking too much, or too little risk, with your money?
  • Are your existing financial plans still fit for purpose?
  • Would you like to know where your retirement plans will take you?
  • Would you like a simple explanation of how recent pension changes affect YOU?
  • Do you just want to know if you are doing the right thing with your money?
  • Do your investments reflect any environmental, ethical or social concerns you may have?

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Our Beliefs

We believe personal recommendation is a key factor in determining how professional a financial advice practice is. We consider it to be the basis for judging how we are performing. Other than this website, we do not see the need to advertise anywhere, instead we prefer to be personally recommended to our clients.

We believe that you have a choice as to how you receive financial advice. So, if we are fortunate enough to be your advisers then we must understand that you also have the choice to vary that in the future. If we are not doing what we said we would do, then you will vote with your feet.

Through the benefit of our experience, we believe that people buy people. Therefore we feel it is vitally important the adviser you choose to take care of your finances, understands fully what your plans are and what you like and don’t like.

We also believe that if you have asked for advice, we will tell you what you need to know, and not just what you want to hear. Having had our advice, it is entirely your decision as to how you wish to proceed, and there may be areas you do not agree with

We also believe that every client must be treated as if they are the only one you have, and every case must be treated as if it were your own. Treat people as you wish to be treated.

We also believe that financial planning is more about strategies and plans to achieve goals, rather than the products themselves. Each product should have a reason why it was recommended and it must aim to achieve something, even if it is just protecting what you have.

We believe that as things and times change, therefore your plans should be flexible enough to change with you. Therefore regular reviews must be undertaken to ensure things are on track.

We believe that communication should be in plain language. The finance industry is very good at using phrases and words that only mean something to those within the industry. Therefore we aim to explain things in terms that you will understand.

We believe that it is not our money we are advising on. Therefore advice will be tailored to your own particular situation, and each person’s situation is different. So what may suit one person, may not be right for someone else.

Our Process

Our process is quite simple. You choose how you engage with us, and how often.

If you want holistic advice on your whole financial situation, we can provide it.

If you want specific advice on one aspect of your finances, we can accommodate that too.

We prefer face-to-face meetings as it gives you an opportunity to really see whether we are right for you. If you prefer meetings at distance, we can accommodate that too.

Whatever type of advice you require, we will agree what work is required and how much we will charge. We will only commence work once this has been agreed with you.

After research we will provide you with a report including recommendations on what we think you should do. This will also include the reasons why we have recommended something, or perhaps why we are not recommending something.

We charge for the report. Whether you act on our advice is up to you. But you are paying for our advice, regardless of whether there is a financial product involved.

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We offer three levels of service:

Copper Beech Service

This is a pay-as-you-go service. You ask us to provide you with advice on various areas of your financial situation and we charge a fee for that. There is no commitment on either part to continue with this service afterwards, unless you ask us to provide us with advice again. Please contact us for a list of the fees payable.

Silver Birch Service

This is an on-going financial advice service which entitles you to advice throughout the year and an annual review meeting. This service is £25 per month. Please contact us for further details.

Oak Service

This is similar to the Silver Birch Service, however this entitles you to two meetings per year. This service is £50 per month. Please contact us for further details.

Our Principal

Dermot Brannigan

Dermot has been an adviser for over 30 years. Dermot Brannigan – IFA was set up to provide independent, unbiased, financial advice.

Dermot has always believed you should have all the facts in front of you, before you make a decision. If you have requested advice you should be told what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. It’s your money, your future, and so ultimately the decision on the best way forward should be yours.

He embraced a fee-based advice proposition when the rest of the industry was still commission-based. A fee-based service makes the relationship between a client and their adviser more equitable. Charging fees aims to remove potential bias, is transparent and gives a client more of a say in how much their adviser is paid for their advice.

Dermot has extensive experience and knowledge in ethical investments. He spends a lot of time looking at investment funds to see which match his clients’ beliefs and principles.

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